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Oils and fats are an essential part of every day for many. It is an unfortunate fact that many people simply discard spent oil such as that used in cars, reports the Environmental Protection Agency. Waste oils come from more than petroleum sources; they also come from animals and plants. Recycling waste oils reduces society's impact on the environment and helps the economy.
Petroleum every car that uses an internal combustion engine uses motor oil as a lubricant to help the engine's moving parts and as an engine coolant. Dirt and metal scrapings can contaminate motor oil so that it no longer provides viscosity for the engine. Spent motor oil proposes a problem for waste disposal because it takes a long time to break down and does not dilute in water.
We at Contractor group have long experience in handling, dealing and processing of various non conventional supplies and waste oils.

We have recycling unit located in Sharjah, Sajjah (UAE), Bahrain and intend to start a 30,000MT per month or 360,000MT year unit in Iraq to process various Hydrocarbon waste, inclusive of blending and storage facilities.

We are planning to start a lubricant blending and manufacturing facility based out of UAE in 3 years time to facilitate launching our own brand of industries, speciality and automotive lubricants.